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More than 35 years of experience

In 2008 GB Meat Group was founded by Jens-Ole Aavad. Jens-Ole has more than 35 years of experience in the meat industry, where he has had several leading positions in Danish slaughterhouses. The passion for the meat industry in combination with the many good connections made along the way, resulted in an urge to create his own, and the prospect of less bureaucracy and shorter decision-making processes were strongly motivating in the establishment of GB Meat Group. In the beginning Jens-Ole drove it by himself and built it from the bottom. He reached an important agreement with the world’s largest veal slaughterhouse, and the process of implementing more veal products in the retail assortment began.

From the beginning the key area has been the Danish retail market as this was where Jens-Ole had his primary experience. In 2015, however, GB Meat Group expanded to foodservice. The potential of the organization was to be utilized, and a sales manager was employed for the purpose of commencing the foodservice area and play a pivotal role in claiming the remaining potential to be utilized on the retail market. In 2017 the dream of establishing an export area was realized, and today more than 10 employees are daily working on purchasing and sales.

Delivery guarantee and quality are our trademarks

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