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Our lamb comes primarily from Ireland. However, we can also offer lamb from producers in New Zealand, Australia or Chile. In Ireland we are collaborating with the leading lamb producers and have through many years of cooperation developed strong relations based on trust. With several lamb producers we are able to offer larger quantities and variation in cuts. 

We visit our lamb producers several times per year, and we always return with lots of new ideas and a desire to be an active part in making lamb a more visible part of the retail assortment. For retail we offer a wide range of single piece products that are delivered in skinpack. Products in skinpack are nicely presentable in black or metal coloured trays and with sleeves or labels depending on the customer’s wish. Besides the nice and simplistic design they have a long shelf life. All of our lamb products are offered as both kg and piece goods.

Through the last 10 years we have delivered lamb products to the Danish retail market and we have developed a great knowledge within this field. 

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All our lamb products are offered as both kg or piece goods

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We always bet on long-term customer and producer connections with key words being openness, honesty and direct communication. We are very aware of maintaining our relations, and the suppliers we used in the very beginning are still part of our portfolio. Same applies to our long-standing customer collaborations.