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Your professional business partner

“What we say is what we do” has always been our motto. We see ourselves as a proactive cooperation partner who is continuously trying to create strong relations with our customers and suppliers. We are happy to share our experience and knowledge, and in a cooperation, you will experience how we take responsibility and make sure your demands are met.

We care a lot about maintaining relations, and the suppliers we began our journey with, are also part of our portfolio today. Same applies to our long relations with customers. Our broad knowledge within the area of meat makes us able to guide and help with purchasing so you will not need an extra middle man or contact person – we take care of the entire process. 

We strive to always communicate the inspiration we get through international fairs and collaborations. Examples could be new products, new packaging designs and/or tendencies. Our thorough knowledge on international as well as domestic market prices secures that we have our fingers on the pulse and are able to deliver at competitive prices.

Delivery on time is crucial to us in our operations. We have a delivery guarantee of 100% and we are always flexible if an order is requested to be increased. We know the flow from production to delivery and we follow matters all the way through, meaning you avoid the hassle. We immediately take action against challenges that might arise, and we can always be contacted in situations demanding immediate action.

In GB Meat Group we have a strong structure. All of our business processes and procedures are described and well-known by all employees. That means that we, as a team, can work purposefully towards common goals.


  • What we say is what we do
  • Proactive business partner
  • Vast experience
  • long term customer and supplier relations
  • Only one contact
  • competitive prices


We are a proactive business partner.

We provide service with a personal touch and

create synergy through strong connections


"Keep it simple and make it work."


We are meat specialists, and we find and select the right quality for the right price.

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, DVFA